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COVID-19 proof of vaccination for traveling into the US is no longer in effect

Change / Cancellation Policy


Name changes are not permitted.

All changes are subject to availability and are subject to a fee of $150 per person plus any cancellation fees imposed by travel suppliers, such as hotel change fees or charges, plus any increase in package price. All changes are subject to availability and limitations and restrictions of the Travel Suppliers. Terms of change may vary by hotel and additional fees may apply for peak travel periods.

Changes must be made by calling our Reservations Department at 954-351-9313. No changes will be accepted by email or online. If a change is not made in accordance with Aztec Airways change policy, all money associated with the package will be forfeited.


Change terms:

If your notice is received:


You will be charged:

Within 24 hours after booking

                           No charge

24 hours and beyond



If you need to cancel your flight, call us at 954-601-3742.



Change Terms: 

If your notice is received:


You will be charged:

Within 48 hours after booking


Any other changes


All Commuter Pacs are non-refundable. Once the booking is made the coupon/ticket is non-transferable. Within 48hrs -If a booking is made and passenger decides not to travel, coupon is considered lifted (used) and will be deducted from the Commuter Pac regardless. No value remains of canceled booking.





If your notice is received:


You will be charged:

Purchased tickets- Booked within 24hrs

No charge

Booked within 24hrs from departure of scheduled flight

No Charge

Purchased tickets- 24hrs and beyond after booking

$150+ Flight credit for ticket.

All purchased tickets are non-refundable a credit will be issued after $150 fee is assessed and any difference in fare if applies all credits are valid 1 year from the original issue on ticket. If passenger is a no show the value of the ticket is forfeited and ticket does not have any remaining value no exceptions.




If you need to make changes or cancel your Commuter Pacs, call us at 954-601-3742.




Other Items:


You will be charged:

Infants/Lap Child-Must pay $50 each way plus any applicable taxes (not to exceed taxes paid by adult)

Taxes & Fees

Pets 10 lbs. and under


Pets 11lbs. -24lbs.


Pets 34lbs. or more

Must purchase a seat (same bag allowance is included)

Other Items cont’d:   

You will be charged:

UMNR (Unaccompanied Minor)


Please note due to weight restrictions service animals will receive 25% discount of the applicable fees and same bag allowance will apply when purchasing a seat.

 25% Discount of Pet owner fare

Baggage- 1st bag (checked or carryon) under 35lbs.

Free of charge

Baggage- over $35 lbs. (including free bag)

$2.50 per each additional lbs.

Baggage-Oversized (any bags that is outside of the size limitation, including free bag 24”x13”x12”)

$100.00 (up to 35lbs. & $2.50 per each additional lb.

Extra bags (any additional bags in addition to free allowance -these bags are limited to space and weight availability must contact carrier to check if bags must travel with passenger)

$30 for extra bag under 35lbs. /$2.50 per each extra lb.

Irregular bags (this includes but not limited to, sports equipment, construction materials, etc.)

If bag exceeds the aircraft capability for transportation, the baggage is considered cargo. (Please ask the carrier for more information.

$100 for irregular size/ $2.50 per lb. after 35lbs.


*Please note : The carrier rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. We encourage all passengers to contact the carrier for further assistance.

Updated 10/7/2023

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